How do I deal with a Yeast Infection…?

Candida infections are the result of an overgrowth of an organism which lives inside our digestive tract commonly referred to as Candida albicans. Under normal conditions this organism lives harmoniously with other internal microbial flora and plays a beneficial role inside our digestive system. However, you will find there will be times when this organism is offered the ideal conditions due either to stress, antibiotics or the ailing health of the host to multiply beyond what normal is causing an array of painful and debilitating problems throughout the body.

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Candida albicans is scientifically classified in the fungus family and is an essential part of the huge population of other microorganisms which make up our intestinal flora. Within the intestinal community its population is kept in check by the many other fungi and bacteria which form the enormous community of microbes that comprise our digestive tract. Yeast Infection can also be cross-referenced by the names candidiasis, thrush, candida or monilia. These infections typically display very characteristic signs and symptoms depending on the location where they appear your body.

Women who may be developing a genital yeast infection can look for signs such as itching, burning, off-white discharge and unpleasant odour. Men also are not immune to this disease and typically will develop characteristic signs on the head of the penis. The condition is clinically known as Balanitis where the top of the penis becomes red, inflamed and may even in some cases produce a discharge. This condition is a lot more common in males that are uncircumcised and therefore, more vulnerable to trapping moisture inside the fold in the foreskin.

Candida infections are not generally regarded as sexually transmitted diseases but they are definitely able to be passed onto someone through sexual contact. Certainly you ought to take proper care whenever a yeast infection is apparent between partners.

Children and babies often are stricken with a type of candida referred to as Thrush. This is very common and is characterised by elevated creamy-white bumps which appear inside the mouth or at the back of the tongue. These can be quite painful and bleed if irritated. Thrush is a contagious condition and has the ability to be transferred to the mother’s breasts while nursing a baby who has oral thrush. Another common condition arises around the child’s fingernails where this area can become red and infected if the fingers spend extended time in the child’s thrush-infected mouth.

High-risk groups are commonly regarded as individuals with poor diets, compromised immune systems or people on antibiotics. Candidiasis often becomes a secondary infection with people who are on a course of antibiotics because of the complications arising when the integrity of the intestinal flora is disturbed through the antibiotic action. This scenario allows yeast to multiply without the normal population controls of the healthy intestinal flora which can lead to a variety of unwanted side affects as the yeast migrates to different areas inside the body.

In these cases, despite the fact the symptom might be on the exterior the main problem remains an internal one.  Approaching the condition with a holistic natural remedy will ultimately aid in promoting the body’s own capability to bring about healing and balance.  Many people frequently become frustrated after they try to cure candidiasis just by treating the symptoms but fail to fully eradicate the painful symptoms which always seem to reappear some short time later. Pharmaceutical creams are a good illustration of this whereby the discomfort of the rash is suppressed but does not address the internal condition if there is one. Holistic medicine aims to help the body to strengthen its own constitution.

Many medical journals have recently published studies which concur that the most effective method of coping with chronic candidiasis is to begin a holistic and natural candida diet program. Altering the diet to benefit the body’s essential requirements was discovered to achieve the best and undoubtedly the most conclusive results reducing the frequency of relapse to almost zero.